Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

The greatest struggles a writer must face

Are the placing of words in the correct place

Are providing the fuel to light the fire

Are creating immortal ideas that inspire.

Then comes the self-deprecating expedition

Where one knows not where to end nor begin

Where perfection is sought, but none exists

Where the desire for satisfaction persists.

Finally, the writer must divulge the revelation

That what they seek they can never achieve

That it is better to accept than to deceive

That self-fulfilment is merely an aspiration.

There are a multitude of ways to craft a sentence

An unlimited number of adjectives to utilize

An endless array of vocabulary and tense

An infinite amount of characters to disguise.

But the writer must awaken to the reality

That such thought processes lead to misery.

One must pick up the pen and begin to rhyme

And watch their destiny unfold in due time.


Author: Kalia A

Love is the cure for Earth's cancer. Find your dream and chase it

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