Ex Embers

I’m not sure quite when I began

To fall out of love with you.

Was it when you shattered my heart

Thrice, only to beg for me to

Let you place the pieces back into alignment?

Was it feeling your warmth depart

When my words rung true

After expressing to you my utter commitment?

Was it when your embrace

Ceased to carry passion, comfort, unity?

Was it the disgrace

You felt when you witnessed my insecurity?

Or was it when you whispered

Three words that were merely lies

When you extinguished the last ember

Burning for you in my eyes?


Killing Kiss

As she kisses him goodbye

On the cheek

A shudder drives through me.

I sense the hurt as his eye

follows her to her apartment door.

I feel his heart shatter

into a multitude of pieces

Broken dreams

of spending a lifetime with her.

And I smell her sorrow, her shame

In the prideful air she takes around him.

Donning a disguise

So he doesn’t see her pain.

I wonder if we will ever be the same…


A year has passed since she walked away

Break-ups get easier, or so they say.

But how to extinguish a fire

That has engulfed your soul for three decades?

The mind adapts, but memories won’t fade.