Sinking Anchors

Boys come and go

but your scent remains etched on my skin,

Your lips engraved onto my soul.

Pleasure ends as soon as it begins,

After which I become numb

Except for the pain, it comes

In waves, crashing into me

On the nights

when I have no one to hold

No anchors to keep me from sinking

and I lay cold

until the morning.

Engulfed by your memory.





Emotional Ruminations

I alternate

Between feeling completely empty

And drowning in emotionality.

On the bad days

Sentiments dissipate into numbness

I become a floating, barren body.

On the worst days

My mind is bleeding memories

I recollect his arms enveloping me

I cannot untangle myself from his vines…

But when he finally set me free

I left a piece of my soul behind.


Complex Colors

He was red, she was green

Fire and ice, with no in between.

His desire for control

enveloped her whole,

and her willingness to give

made him easy to forgive.

But he clenched on so tightly

when she tried to explore freedom,

she could not breathe,

but detested the idea of losing him.

Until one day, his light turned blue

Engulfed with rage, his eyes an eerie hue

She sustained scars so deep

Time could not be a tourniquet.

The intensity of his silhouette

Awakened her in her sleep.

So, she knew she had to let him go

and take a path he could not follow.

From her kind green, she became selfish black

Seeking liberty, never looking back.