Undisclosed Emotions

“Hey D, it’s been a while! How are things?

-Well, work has been exhausting. Sometimes, I really wonder if it’s even worth it.

-What do you mean?

-Well you know, you work your ass off, spend that money on materialistic possessions that you assume will make you happy. Then you realise it’s a trivial pursuit.

-I’m not really catching your drift.

-I’m talking about the emptiness, M! Do you ever wonder if there’s more to life than paying bills and buying designer shoes?

-Well, I think life must be filled with positive, exciting experiences that will provide permanent bliss instead of temporary satisfaction.

-But what if it’s all you’ve ever wanted? What if it’s the one thing you actually need, but it’s… it’s too late. You can never retrieve what was never yours to begin with.

-Ok, throw me a bone here D! I feel like I’m on another wavelength!

-It’s okay, I’m just drifting off into the ocean waves of nothingness. We’re all just vibrating atoms.We will eventually drift apart and disappear into the vacuum of space.

-Wait… are we still talking about shoes?”

*Note: this piece was a result of a writing exercise that consists of conveying an emotion without using narrative. If you can guess the emotion, please comment below!

Author: Kalia A

Love is the cure for Earth's cancer. Find your dream and chase it

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