Ocean Eyes

Turquoise eyes

Engorged in malaise,

Yet soothing like

Ocean waves

On a winter’s day.


I could not catch her drift

But I got near enough

To touch it.


She pulled back

Into the safe

Blue abyss,

And I lay








20171109_223711Her nimble fingers
Unbuttoning her
Floral shirt
Sending shudders
Of desire through my skin.
She told me she was an artist;
Her green eyes
Of heartache coupled
With mystery.
Little did she realize
She was art to me.




I stopped believing in love
Until our eyes met;
A poltergeist
From a previous life.

Right then and there, I knew
I would never meet another like you.

But I set you free
Knowing your happiness
Would never be with me.

Maybe in another existence
We will soar together in the sky
Leaving all doubt behind…
And I’ll stop looking for a love
That I will never find.



The leaves are falling, just like I used to.

Until life allowed me to start anew

I cannot revert to how I was before

but I don’t know

what sweetness tastes like anymore.


Chills in the air crawl up my spine

while the ground gets painted golden.

When I consider making you mine,

I realise we’re both too broken.


The breeze uncloaks the trees,

Reveals the barren souls within.


We’re just two empty bodies

connecting skin-to-skin

Doomed, never to fall again.



My legs wrapped around his body

His wise words hanging above my head

Bright brown eyes delving into my soul

It has been a while

Since I’ve met someone

Worth falling for…

(Somebody stop me)


Galactic Love

I saw the universe in his eyes

but finiteness in his words.

The space between those unspoken

Enlarging the one between us.

Maybe in an an alternate reality

His actions will speak louder

and he will look deep into me

and see Forever.