Parental Guidance Recommended

Be close to your parents;

You are their extension

and their portal to another existence.

Allow them to marvel in it.

FamilyLove (2)



The First Kiss

His tongue

Ties knots in my stomach

As his lips

Unravel me.


Sinking Anchors

Boys come and go

but your scent remains etched on my skin,

Your lips engraved onto my soul.

Pleasure ends as soon as it begins,

After which I become numb

Except for the pain, it comes

In waves, crashing into me

On the nights

when I have no one to hold

No anchors to keep me from sinking

and I lay cold

until the morning.

Engulfed by your memory.







I was too preoccupied with the fear of losing you

to search for myself.

I have disappeared.




Rhetorical Rationale

If you woke up tomorrow morning

And could become anything,

What would it be?