Rhetorical Rationale

If you woke up tomorrow morning

And could become anything,

What would it be?



Killing Kiss

As she kisses him goodbye

On the cheek

A shudder drives through me.

I sense the hurt as his eye

follows her to her apartment door.

I feel his heart shatter

into a multitude of pieces

Broken dreams

of spending a lifetime with her.

And I smell her sorrow, her shame

In the prideful air she takes around him.

Donning a disguise

So he doesn’t see her pain.

I wonder if we will ever be the same…


A year has passed since she walked away

Break-ups get easier, or so they say.

But how to extinguish a fire

That has engulfed your soul for three decades?

The mind adapts, but memories won’t fade.

A Message to Planet Earth’s Population

There are two kinds of people on this planet

Those who are content with its destruction

And those who wish to rescue it.

The former bury themselves in distraction

While the latter strive to spread information,

To Encourage tolerance and compassion.

The key is, one cannot do it alone;

So open your eyes, and put down the phone.

There exists only one solution,

A worldwide awakening: The Revolution.



Shackles, Inc.

I refuse to be enslaved

To a system that takes me nowhere

Except into the realms of corporate capitalism

Entrapped in the jaws of money-hungry mutants

who value mundane meaninglessness

over human compassion.

Who would rather live rich and brainless

than eliminate the world’s corruption.

I will break free

from the shackles of tyranny


To achieve a single dream:

Global Harmony.