“You’ve changed.”

He says, his eyes

piercing through mine.

How could I stay the same

When I have felt his soul

and my heart intertwine?

I wish I could leave

my emotions behind.

I do not reply

but I want to cry:

“I shiver every time you touch my skin,

Although, it’s usually by accident.

you talk all about how your date went

and you expect me to sit there and grin?

To encourage you to destroy me

While you and I both deny

our incomprehensible chemistry?

Don’t pretend

you don’t miss when my knees were on the floor

I see you lick your lips when you enter my door.”

He sighs, “You’re so cold”

-No, I’m just too old…

Too old to waste my life on this.”

He walks away, I blow a final kiss.

I am forever changing, it’s what humans do;

So, this is the last poem I will waste on you.

Two Years

Two years ago today

our breaths intermingled in the snow

Vapour escaping our mouths

All of you, I wanted to know.

Your smile reflected

Against the winter sun

Warm and captivating

I thought you were the one.

We laughed as

Our warm bodies intertwined

such anticipation

I wanted to make you mine.

Our hearts yet unscathed

by imminent tragedy

We devoured one other

But you took all of me.

My cravings for you were insatiable

You infiltrated my brain

Escaping from you was impossible

Thus commenced the pain.

Two years ago today

Our souls broke the ice

But on this cold November night

Our love paid the price.