20171109_223711Her nimble fingers
Unbuttoning her
Floral shirt
Sending shudders
Of desire through my skin.
She told me she was an artist;
Her green eyes
Of heartache coupled
With mystery.
Little did she realize
She was art to me.


Arms wide open

You held out your hand for a fist pump

But I immediately went in for a hug.

Why am I like this?

All I wanted was a kiss.

You keep saying that you want to be

Just friends

But I’ve seen how your eyes devour me.

Now, your cologne lingers

On my leather jacket.

You go off to sleep with her;

I lock myself in the closet.

I keep hoping one day,

When you’re done playing,

You will have the courage to look back in.

There is no guarantee

But you might just find me

Waiting for you, with arms wide open.