Every time you leave

I come down.

You hit me

like a lineĀ 

of cocaine


to the brain.


lips tracing circles

around my tongue;

but the taste turns bitter

when you’re gone.


I can’t stop thinking about

whether you’re thinking about me

driving away in the rain,

you have known such pain.

You tell me love is a lie

why can’t we just get high?


Soft fingers crawling across

My fiending body

Breaths intermixing

in the warmth of my bedsheets

I close my eyes

To salvage the feeling,


the memory

for tomorrow.

Because I know

when you set your

foot out the door

I’ll crave you even more.

You’ll say goodbye,

your hazel eyes

reflecting the sunlight

And I’ll heave a sigh

knowing that by tonight

your effect will disappear

and I will be left here

back in reality

with nothingĀ 

but the daydreams

of you telling me

True love is a lie;

So, come on by

Let’s just get high.