Love Richness

Love is not a game

it is a business,

where wedding rings

are worth more than kisses;

and Valentine’s Day

is an excuse to spend hundreds

to express our feigned devotion

instead of engaging in conversation

and fulfilling promises.

We fall in love for all the wrong reasons

and we reiterate three words

forgetting their value.

Victims of a generation

lost in a masquerade;

For when love is true,

we are too afraid.

Shackles, Inc.

I refuse to be enslaved

To a system that takes me nowhere

Except into the realms of corporate capitalism

Entrapped in the jaws of money-hungry mutants

who value mundane meaninglessness

over human compassion.

Who would rather live rich and brainless

than eliminate the world’s corruption.

I will break free

from the shackles of tyranny


To achieve a single dream:

Global Harmony.


The scorching sun beats down

on the decomposing bodies before my eyes.

Fog and smoke saturate the atmosphere

Beside me, a once-wealthy man painfully dies.

I keep asking myself: “How am I still here?”


Perhaps my wisdom emancipated me

from the inevitable devastation caused by greed.

I built a shelter in the last remaining tree

and filtered acid rain to drown my thirst.

The fruits it bore were tasteless, odourless

but they are responsible for my survival.


Alas, my dream of awakening humanity

has failed those who still worship money.

But I am still breathing, and so are those I adore

Now, at the end of time, I could not ask for more.